15m SWATH Workboat

Ad Hoc Marine Designs have used their expert knowledge in swath design to create possibly the world’s smallest SWATH workboat. This 15m Workboat SWATH is for an Asian client where seakeeping is a high priority. Workboats are often at sea for many hours in all sort of hazardous conditions for the crew which can easily lead to fatigue and tiredness. Having a vessel that does not “throw you about” with increasing sea state whilst performing very detailed work, a SWATH was the obvious solution.

With an overall length of 15.10m and a service speed of 12 knots, this 15m Workboat SWATH is one of the smallest commercial SWATH designs in the world. The 15m Workboat SWATH is driven by two Perkins Sabre M215C 6 Litre engines rated at 157kW @ 2500 RPM through a ZF80A 2.5:1 reduction gearbox to a 3 bladed propeller. The engines are located in the haunch. The structure has been designed to DNV HSLC rules and construction is in all aluminium. A new feature of this SWATH is an evolution in the hull design to enhance the superior seakeeping characteristics whilst maintaining a simple build methodology whilst minimising drag.


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