26m Typhoon Class Swath repeat order for R.E.S. build by Alicat Workboats & South Boats IOW

Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of a new build contract with Alicat Workboats & South Boats IOW Ltd, with their 26m Typhoon Class Swath for Renewable Energy Support with the vessel MCS Swath 2 to be managed by Maritime Craft Services. This award proves that SWATH technology can be built in the UK cost effectively.

This design is an evolution of the first MCS Swath 1 vessel, which has proven herself to be superior in all seas states, and able to transit transfer safely in Hs=2.50m.

The mk2 has subtle changes such as: MCS Swath 2 is a quad drive, using 4xScania DI16 engines, with 2 per hull driving through a Hundested gearbox, which offsets each engine fwd and aft high up in the haunch, for easy maintenance from the main deck hatches. With the CPP system supplied by Hundested, with their unique offset angle entry input into the pitch control unit from the angled carbon fibre shaft.


The motion control system uses the Island Engineering system that has proven to be fully effective on MCS Swath 1 with accelerations no greater than 0.10g in Hs=2.0-2.50m in all sea headings and their unique zero speed heave dampening mode which has demonstrated the following reduction in motions:-

Up to 58% reduction in RMS pitch rate, 70% reduction in RMS pitch angle and 70% reduction in RMS bow vertical displacement

Thus clearly highlighting the “lightly damped” hull form of a Swath vessel is easily to manipulate and control, which removes the need for any heavy expensive and bulky motion damped platform. Thereby leaving the foredeck clear for working.

With a service speed of 24 knots and a payload of 33 tonne, carrying 24 technicians, 22,200 litres of fuel and in various configuration’s up to 4 x ISO containers and satisfying both the Workboat Code and HS-OSC code, is the next generation and evolution of the Ad Hoc Marine Designs Typhoon Class of Swath.

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