Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd has forged partnerships with several shipyards around the world. These shipyards are well known for their quality, competitiveness and their locations to growing markets.

Any of our existing or new design requests can be built at any of the following shipyards, or your own preference:

Private and Personnel Security Services

Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd. has joined forces with a world leading Private Security company company OPSEC. It is an Anglo Swiss Company that provides countermeasures to deal with terrorist activities, piracy, harm to others, theft or damage of property – any of the myriad problematic situations a global business and government can potentially experience.


Ad Hoc Marine Designs is an “associate contractor” to QinetiQ GRC Ltd. We actively promote this excellent suit of design tools. This suit of programs enables the designer to create design very quickly and perform what if scenarios rapidly with minimal effort. Details can be found on their website here.

The hull modeller and surface modeller program, for example, is ‘light years’ ahead of other similar packages. Their new “XT-Curve” technology revolutionises the way hull lines are drawn and modelled within a 3D CAD environment. No longer is the user the slave to the limits of the program. The XT-Curves allow the designer to create any 3D shape possible with just a few curves to create a surface. It is more like a simple weight and batten in its simplicity. The only limits are ones imagination. A simple video of the ease of use, is shown below

All credits & rights to this video belong to QinetiQ

A report by University of Newcastle upon Tyne on Paramarine, was compiled and compared with other software’s such as Tribon and received very favourable reviews. Additionally a report by MIT Masters student who tested out the submarine side and compared with ABAQUS the results being – very favourable – the emphasis paid much attention to the “integrated” nature of Paramarine much reducing the time and errors in doing design studies.

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