Rederij Doeksen, Holland

View of changes to engine girder to suit new engine.View from under the raft of new bow fenderview of new high speed ruder system

Having purchased an ex-FBM vessel, Rederij Doeksen approached Ad Hoc Marine Designs, the original designers, of their 50m catamaran. Providing advice on performance between the original Paxman to MTU engines, altering the engine beds to suit the new arrangement, all to Class. Designing a high speed rudder system to allow turning on rudders not the jets giving an increase in straight-line speed. Strengthening up the bow to become a fender. The fender allows the Master to ‘bump’ onto the fixed piles for ease of berthing. Finally arranging the new Safety plan, after Rederij Doeskeon changed the entire layout to suit their varied role.


“With their wealth of experience, especially in designing high speed vessels, Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd. was the obvious choice to turn to, when our company acquired the FBMA built fast ferry Supercat 2002. As we had plans to completely rebuilt the vessel, and re-engine her at the same time, and do this all under our own control, we needed all sorts of advice and someone who could provide us with new or modified drawings. Starting with speed/power predictions to determine engine size and consumption, up to a modification of the existing safety plan. Acting as our design office and consultancy, Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd. provided us with detailed drawings for the new engine beds, advised us on the repositioning of the transmission, calculated, designed and made drawings for 2 high speed rudders supplementing the water jet, and allowing us to run our specific route steering with just rudders. Advice was given on the down sizing of the existing skegs of the vessel. As we wanted to rearrange the interior it was found necessary to reposition some of the pillars. Based on our input, and wishes, a solution was found, including extra deck beams, and repositioned pillars to ensure the structural integrity.
In short; Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd. is a versatile partner whenever you want to build or rebuild a vessel, from SWOT analysis to conceptual decision making , as well as designing your vessel or assistance during the building process.”

Henk Boorsma, Rederij Doeksen, Holland.

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