All our design range focuses on the latest methods of design, build and propulsion to get the most of what is currently available as well as designing the future, what most seem to coin as the next generation.

The power plant, the means of providing power, is in a constant state of flux and requires designs with a proven pedigree coupled with an extensive R&D to maximise the objective.

Computer simulations can only go so far... a real understanding of the whole cradle to grave, and looking for new and often novel solutions, has been the philosophy of the designs from Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd. for more than 30 years.
9M Electric High Speed Monohull Vessel


Ad Hoc Marine Designs has a large range of monohull designs from 8m up to 90m, from: Patrol Boats, to Dive Boats to High-Speed Passenger Ferries and more.

A successful range of vessels is a constant evolution of an existing design from in-service experience coupled with modifications and improvements using advances in technology.

Each new design is a step by step improvement over the previous design to ensure the client receives the best possible design available. Utilising improved seakeeping and resistance based upon extensive R&D tank testing.

The Cape Class range of Patrol Boats from Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd. has been designed with all the lessons from over 30 years of in-service experience of the previous Patrol Boat designs operating all over the world, from: the UK to Chile to the UAE to Ecuador.

An example of the 45m Patrol Boat is shown here.
45m Patrol Boat
Current new design of monohulls is our small 9m monohull that is 100% electric and zero carbon footprint.


Ad Hoc Marine Designs has a large range of catamaran designs from 9m up to 80m from: High-Speed Passenger Ferry, to Patrol Boat, to Crew Transfer Boats (CTV) to Muliticat Work boats etc.

Our latest catamaran is possibly the world’s first aluminium multihull tug, our Hercules Class range of Tugs. She has an impressive 5.3 tonne bollard pull and has a 50% greater range of stability that an equivalent sized monohull.

An example of her on sea trails is shown here, ploughing through a choppy Solent waters running up Southampton water.
Ad Hoc Marine Designs has been at the forefront of CTV designs since the term CTV become synonymous with the Windfarm industry.

Along with TT Boat deigns, we designed the whole naval architecture DNA for South Boats CTV South Cat range, based on the Isle of Wight until 2012.

Those CTV have become the standard market leader and remain so today. Having also designed their flexibly mounted deckhouse, these designs have proven themselves time and time again.

Ad Hoc Marine has now updated and designed their own range, the South Class range of CTVs, paying homage to those original South Cats and the vision created by South Boats with the focus on quality and good sea boats that will always get you home in a storm.

An example of our South Class is shown here.
45m Patrol Boat
Our highly successful range of high-speed passenger ferries of the Tricats and Solent Class is constantly evolving and being updated from ex-client feedback. The Hong Kong Tricats we designed shown here despite their age, are still going strong.
45m Patrol Boat
An updated example is based upon these previous fast ferry designs are a simple 34m commuter low wash bicycle and passenger vessel design and a more aesthetically focused client 47m super slim high-speed passenger catamaran with styling by world famous Dixon Yacht Designs in the UK for that extra eye catching appeal shown here.
47m slim cat


Ad Hoc Marine Designs have been involved in SWATH designs for more than 30 years, and these range from 13m in size up to current SOV designs of 71m. Whether for: Pilot Boats, CTVs, High-Speed Passenger Ferries or SAR/Patrol Boats, Ad Hoc Marine Designs has designs that are backed up by pedigree.

Our designs span from our first SWATH MV Patria in the late 80s, still the world’s fastest SWATH, as well as the naval architecture design of the Lockheed Martin SLICE© SWATH, to our latest range of world-class typhoon Class of CTV SWATHs that are extending the North Sea operational window by more than 3 months per year.

‍Initially started by Ad Hoc Marine Design’s co-founder Nigel Warren where his interest began in the mid-70s for superior seakeeping vessels have now grown into a long history of R&D and many subtle improvements over the years and continued through to today’s range of the Typhoon Class.
45m Patrol Boat
The current Typhoon Class of CTV Swaths operated by MCS (Cylde) Ltd in the North Sea clearly demonstrate the Swaths superior seakeeping ability running in seas up to Hs=3.50m with less than 0.10g vertical acceleration and transfers at the tower in Hs=2.50m.

An example of their seakeeping prose is shown in the video of MCS Swath 2, running in Hs=3.50m sea, where even the odd 7.0m wave does not hinder her operation.
Our all electric zero carbon, zero fossil fuel, zero emissions Faraday Class range of e.PTV (electric-personnel transfer vessel) has been design for the future. With the UK Govt.s Operational Zero coming into force from 2025, and a ban on all I.C.E. from 2030 in the UK, there is only one route for CTVs, and that is 100% electric and the future is here today.

And since the future is here now, it needs a futuristic styling to create the future. The Faraday Class e.PTV styling and livery was crafted by DESIGNOVA to distinguish itself from the crowd, shown here.
45m Patrol Boat
Power Ark

Trimaran / Stabilised Monohull

Our range of designs is based upon the entire multihull R&D conducted over the past 30 years. Having built manned 7m models to explore their potential, we have provided designs for High-Speed passenger ferries, to our most recent stabilised monohull.

Ad Hoc Marine Designs Ltd (AHMD) is proud to be a part of the future energy solution for Japan, by designing the Power Ark for POWER X of Japan. Where the laying of cables is either cost prohibitive or feasibly impossible owing to water depth, a mobile battery becomes the most obvious solution. The Oil Tanker that is a common sight around the world, is now replaced with the battery tanker in sizes from 100m up to 250m.
45m Patrol Boat
This project brought togther the collaboration of AHMD with DESIGNOVA Creative. The well-known creative genius of J. David Weiss at DESIGNOVA Creative with his visionary flare that he imparts to every project, this was an obvious choice from his amazing futuristic creations.

AHMD provided a blank sheet of paper; save for the principal outline that defined the hull and outriggers, along with the location of the battery compartments. The creation of the aesthetically pleasing, yet not cost prohibitive to build, future vision from J. David Weiss, became the Power Ark.